Jefferson House offers a smart and whimsically glamorous alternative for visitors to Kansas City. We welcome anyone who loves European style, places that are different and quirky, who enjoy good conversation, and have a healthy appetite for life.


Peter and Theresa Robinson

Jefferson House is situated in the vibrant Westside neighborhood of downtown Kansas City. A thirteen room Neo-classic brick house designed for Charles A. Murdock, a dealer in spices and seeds, in the late 1890's. We have lovingly restored the house, which boasts stunning views of downtown, in a European style having moved to Kansas City from the British Channel Island of Jersey, situated nine miles from the northern coast of France.

Our look is a mix of old and new, furniture and art; combining colors and beautiful fabrics. We hope that you will like our art collection, which has been gathered over many years, primarily from Europe and the Island of Jersey. There is also an extensive range of both functional and artistic ceramic pieces made by Theresa, whose studio is at the rear of Jefferson House. 

The Historic Westside

Lined atop the bluff overlooking the skyline of Kansas City, Missouri, to the east and the flat river bottomland of Kansas to the west, the century old houses of Mulkey Square have been the homes of carpenters and grain merchants, railroad engineers and stonemasons, lawyers and laborers. They were built before the waterworks and were connected to the rest of the city by horse cars.